The Alaskan Mesh Project – Now Available!

The Alaskan Mesh Project covers a large chunk of SE Alaska in high resolution 10m Terrain Mesh with select areas in ultra high resolution 3m Terrain Mesh.


This started out as a rainy day project mean’t to enhance the mountains around Talkeetna, Alaska. Eventually it was decided to further expand the coverage area. This project is the accumulation of only 2 days of work and goes to show what can be accomplished in a short time period.


An interactive comparison showing the difference that our 10m mesh has over the default data.


The Coverage Area

The Alaskan Mesh Project’s coverage area borders that of ORBX Southern Alaska and pushes north past Fairbanks. The project covers 207,920 sq km of SE Alaska’s rugged terrain.

The Alaskan Mesh Project coverage area

3 meter coverage areas include the Matanuska Susitna river valley, Fairbanks, and Nome Creek.


Compatibility in Mind

This scenery is designed to work flawlessly with Free Mesh X and ORBX Southern Alaska. If any at all, overlapping is designed to be minimal.

To ensure that there are no conflicts, you should place this mesh below your ORBX SAK entries, but keep it above your Free Mesh X entries.


Known Issues

Airports and some water bodies will have elevation issues. This is just a given with high resolution terrain mesh. This will likely not be fixed by myself.


Install smart, don’t waste your HDD space!

Unlike our other sceneries, AMP has not been packaged into an auto installer. My reasoning behind this is simple: There is no need to reinstall this scenery under multiple simulator versions. It has been compiled under the FSX SDK and will work flawlessly in FSX, FSX:SE, and P3Dv1-4.

I recommend placing this scenery in one location of your HDD. You may then point all your installed simulators to it’s location. This will use the minimal amount of space as possible on your HDD.


Enjoy and be sure to tell us what you think below!

The Alaskan Mesh Project – Download

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