AMP: SAK has been updated to v1.1. This new version fills in some previously missing areas in the 10m base mesh. There are still a few areas lacking data, however we must wait on USGS to make this data available before it can be implemented.


New Coverage Areas:

Alaskan Mesh Project: SAK version 1.1 new areas map

New 10 meter coverage areas can be seen marked in red.


**Download Format Changes**

In order to reduce download sizes, all sceneries on our site that do not use an auto installer have been re-compressed using 7zip. 7z provides much better compression over Zip archives, meaning smaller and faster downloads.


In order to decompress 7z files, you will need either 7zip or WinRaR.


Compatibility in Mind

To ensure that there are no conflicts, place this scenery above all ORBXFree Mesh X, and FS Global scenery library entries. If this step isn’t taken, some elevation conflicts have been observed.


Known Issues

Airports and some water bodies will have elevation issues. This is just a given with high resolution terrain mesh. This will likely not be fixed by myself.


Install smart, don’t waste your HDD space!

Unlike our other sceneries, AMP has not been packaged into an auto installer. My reasoning behind this is simple: There is no need to reinstall this scenery under multiple simulator versions. It has been compiled under the FSX SDK and will work flawlessly in FSX, FSX:SE, and P3Dv1-4. I recommend placing this scenery in one location of your HDD. You may then point all your installed simulators to it’s location. This will use the minimal amount of space as possible on your HDD.


AMP: SAK uses the same folder structure as all other AMP regions. Copy the “Alaskan Mesh Project” folder to the location of your other Alaskan Mesh Project folder and combine the directories. AMP: SAK does not need it’s own scenery library entry using this method.


AMP: SAK – Update Only The Alaskan Mesh Project