Emerald Scenery Design is excited to announce the release of our scenery for BC Helicopters in British Columbia, Canada! This scenery has been made in collaboration with the release of a freeware Cabri G2 helicopter developed by Hants County Gaming (HCG)!

HCG Cabri G2 Cockpit

Photo courtesy of HCG

After first learning of the Cabri being in development back on the 20th of June (Yes, a week and a half ago) I took it upon myself to bring forward the best rendition I could of BC Helicopters. However, there was a catch. It had to be done by July 1st, Canada Day! For the last week and a half, this project has been my full time job, consuming 12-14hrs per day. It is without a doubt the hardest I have ever worked on a project and without the help of Mykrode from Got Friends, it would have been impossible to get it done in time!

So, thank you Mykrode for contributing some of the smaller models in this scenery!

Fuel Tank done by Mykrode of Got Friends

Fuel Tank modeled and textured by Mykrode of Got Friends

Because this scenery was done on such a tight timeline, I had to put a lot of though on exactly what all I could make happen in a reasonable amount of time. I knew I wanted to spend most of my time on modeling the flight school building, so anything else past that would be a bonus. I feel as though I have made a very good representation of BC Helicopters in the time I had. However, now that the rush is over, it gives me plenty of time to expand on and polish this addon even more in future updates.

So, with that said, this isn’t the end of the line. Look forward to more detail and refinements in the future! (Of course, after a short break to recoup a little..)

BC Helicopter night lighting

BC Helicopters and the Cabri G2 are now available for download! BC helicopters can be downloaded here on our website or at flightsim.to. The Cabri is available exclusively on flightsim.to.
Don’t forget to grab the latest update for Emerald Object Library!


Download BC Helicopters Download HCG Cabri G2