OK. I have to admit, this one was a long time coming. I started working on Bear Island for MSFS soon after the sim came out. However, I didn’t publicly announce it until January of 2021. After a little over a year hiatus, spending time on other projects and learning a bit more about how to making things work the way I wanted them to, I decided it was finally time to jump back on this one and get it done.

Now, the keen eye will notice that the layout of this scenery is very similar to the FSX & P3D version. However, a lot of it has been tweaked and redone. Most of the vegetation placement started as a straight XML copy and paste from FSX, though much of it has been adjusted during the development process.

Both the dock house and hangar have been completely redone. They are based on the original models, but were stripped down with many parts rebuilt and additional detail added. They have also been completely redone with 8K PBR materials in Substance Painter.


Bear Island Dock House with Yellow Wild Flowers

Environmentally-Dynamic features?

My longest hangup in getting this scenery done was the addition of environmentally-dynamic features. This was already a feature in the FSX & P3D version, utilizing SODE (SimObject Display Engine). So, I knew that I had to bring as many of these features over as possible.

Luckily, I was able to get the Windsock, Water Puddles, & Frog done. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a way to get anything to do with ambient audio working. Though, as soon as it is supported, or I can find a workaround, I will be adding back the more unique ambient sounds. Obviously MSFS has ambient by default, so not everything will be required.


Bear Island Florida for MSFS - "The Frog" perched on a rock


  • 15cm/px aerial imagery.
    Hand-corrected and AI upscaled from 30cm/px.
  • 2-meter digital elevation model.
    Giving at least some definition to an already pretty flat island.
  • One way in, one way out runway.
    Watch your wing clearance!
  • Hand-placed, native vegetation.
    Weeds, Wildflowers, Palmettos, and Reeds. Includes LODs for improved performance.
  • Custom detailed dock house, hangar and various clutter models.
    Up to 8k resolution PBR materials. Window rain VFX, and environmental occlusion for the open hangar.


Environmentally-Dynamic Features

  • “The Frog”The Frog really likes the rain. He can be found perched on a rock near the dock when rain is reported in the area.
  • Rain PuddlesOnly visible when rain is reported in the area.

Download Bear Island for MSFS