Bowman’s Beach Helistop is a helipad located on Sanibel Island, near Fort Myers, Florida. The helipad is a utility pad, operated by the Lee County Mosquito Control District. The helipad was also featured in the movie Day of the Dead (1985).

Bowman’s Beach Helistop has been created from the ground up using default MSFS objects and materials, as well as some custom objects and vegetation, which have been added to the scenery with the integration of Emerald Object Library. Trees around the heliport property have been redone for greater accuracy. The heliport is also registered in the sim as 4FD9. Unfortunately, helipads are not currently offered as a starting location.

A “Dock” starting position was added for the helipad as a means to spawn there, however it was later observed to be not working correctly. For now, it’s not possible to spawn directly at the helipad! Choosing the helipad will spawn you at FL86, an airport just a few NM to the Northeast. Another option is spawning at the nearby North Captiva Island airstrip.


!! Emerald Object Library is required for the proper display of this scenery! It can be downloaded from our freeware page.

Bowman’s Beach Helistop for MSFS