July 2022

BC Helicopters & Cabri G2 Beta | Now Available For MSFS!

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Emerald Scenery Design is excited to announce the release of our scenery for BC Helicopters in British Columbia, Canada! This scenery has been made in collaboration with the release of a freeware Cabri G2 helicopter developed by Hants County Gaming […]

June 2022

Chunilna Cabin Strip & EOL Now Available on Marketplace!

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I am excited to announce that after a decently long wait, Chunilna Cabin Strip and Emerald Object Library (a requirement to the prior) are now available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for PC and Xbox!

Now, with this release, I […]

May 2022

Bear Island, Florida – Now Available for MSFS 2020!

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OK. I have to admit, this one was a long time coming. I started working on Bear Island for MSFS soon after the sim came out. However, I didn’t publicly announce it until January of 2021. After a little over […]

March 2022

September 2021

Shump & Chunilna Creek Airstrip, Alaska – Now Available for FSX & P3D!

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It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce the release of Shump & Chunilna Creek Airstrip for FSX and P3D! This project has taken me nearly 3 years of off-and-on work, jumping between different projects, and working through […]

April 2021

Pine Island Helistop – Now Available for MSFS!

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Pine Island Helistop is a utility helipad located on Pine Island, near Fort Myers, Florida. The helipad is operated by Lee County Mosquito Control District and has been created from the ground up using default MSFS objects and materials. Some […]

Bowman’s Beach Helistop – Now Available for MSFS!

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Bowman’s Beach Helistop is a helipad located on Sanibel Island, near Fort Myers, Florida. The helipad is a utility pad, operated by the Lee County Mosquito Control District. The helipad was also featured in the movie Day of the Dead […]

March 2021

Alaskan Mesh Project: SW – Now Available for FSX & P3D!

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The Alaskan Mesh Project: Southwest covers a large portion of Southwest Alaska in a layer of 10-meter terrain mesh. AMP: SW does not include Kodiak Island or some of the Aleutians, as no high resolution data is currently […]

October 2020

Talkeetna, Alaska Lite for MSFS – Update v1.0.2 Available!

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Talkeetna, Alaska Lite v1.0.2 is updated and now available on our website!
Talkeetna Lite for MSFS was released back in September across different addon sites, but up until now, it hasn’t been available on our website. This is due to the […]

June 2020

The Alaskan Mesh Project: Northeast – Now Available!

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The Alaskan Mesh Project: NE covers a large portion of Northeast Alaska in a layer of 10-meter terrain mesh including an area of 3-meter mesh covering the Yukon Flats wildlife reservation.

The Alaskan Mesh Project started out […]

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