I am excited to announce that after a decently long wait, Chunilna Cabin Strip and Emerald Object Library (a requirement to the prior) are now available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for PC and Xbox!

Now, with this release, I have started getting a few common questions which I want to address, starting with Emerald Object Library:

Emerald Object Library v22.3.16

Which version of Emerald Object Library is best for me?

Now that the Emerald Object Library has officially “landed” in MSFS Market Place I wonder if this library will be published anymore (updates) here at flightsim.to? – KDieter

I see this is available in the MarketPlace now. Will that version always be the latest version or is their a delay in the MP version getting updated much like other products are delayed there? – MojaveHigh

EOL on Marketplace was released alongside my Chunilna Cabin Strip payware as a requirement (Mostly for Xbox users). The marketplace release was only ever intended to be used for my addons on Marketplace, though it does come with the same usage rules for freeware developers just to make things uniform and easy to manage.

From the time I submit an update to Microsoft to the time they finally test and launch it, so far has been just over a Month. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that each individual update will take a month to land on marketplace, as until it goes into the testing phase, I can push new updates for review. So, when it does update on marketplace 9x/10 it will be the latest version, but overall, likely about a month behind the external version. With that said, I would recommend the following:

Continue using the release available here or at flightsim.to, as it will be updated more frequently. Only use the version on marketplace if you only intend to use my payware addons on marketplace.


Are there any differences between the Marketplace and External versions of either addon?

Both Chunilna Cabin Strip and Emerald Object Library are exactly the same, no matter if you get them externally or on MSFS Marketplace for PC or Xbox. However, do realize that this is subject to change in the future if it comes down to a last resort. Though, Xbox would be my only concern here as it has much less usable memory than on PC.


Thank you for your support! If more questions arise, I will post responses on Discord, as well as try to remember to come back and update this post!