In preparation for the Shump & Chunilna Creek Airstrip payware release coming soon to FSX & P3D, Emerald Object Library has been updated to v21.8.31!

It is very important to note that this is a stand-alone update! Many file names and directories have been changed, so this release WILL NOT install over previous versions!! It is vital that you remove any old installs of Emerald Object Library before running the v21.8.31 installer! Failure to do so will cause conflicts later on down the road, if not right away.


Whats new in v21.8.31?

  • Added new models, sounds, and winter textures in preparation for Shump & Chunilna Creek release.
  • Improvements to Campfire effect.
    • Added Sparks.
    • Adjusted scale of Fire and Smoke effects.
    • Fire and Smoke are now affected by wind.
  • General improvements to all sound effect controllers.
  • Removed unused LM texture from Frog.
  • Tweaked PA-18 empty LoD so it triggers further away (Visible range increased).


Uninstalling Emerald Object Library

Emerald Object Library may be removed by running the old EOL_Uninstall_SimVersion.exe from your simulator’s root directory. DO NOT click the BAT file of the same name. It’s designed to automatically run after the uninstaller to finish the uninstall process!

Download EOL Update!