Emerald Object Library v2.0 – Build: 092017 Released!

Emerald Object Library v2.0 – Build: 092017 contains bug fixes and improvements that will affect many of our sceneries across all supported platforms.


What’s new in Build: 092017?

  • Now includes P3Dv4 native models.
  • Combined textures to reduce drawcalls of Static Aircraft models.
  • Fixed an issue (in some cases) where the Frog model played bird noises instead of croaking.
  • Corrected a slight alpha channel offset visible in the Pine Tree models.
  • Fixed an issue for P3D users where windsocks would disappear when there was no wind.


Update Notes

P3Dv4 Native Models

For our fellow users of P3Dv4, we have converted all library models to v4 native. However, all objects that are dynamically placed with SODE will continue to use the older P3Dv2 models for now. The v4 native files are in place for SODE, but the sceneries utilizing SODE will need to be updated before the native files can be used.


Static Aircraft Updates

KB Static Aircraft models have received a boost in performance. Since these free-to-use Static Aircraft have been around since the FS9 days, they were not very well optimized. Over time, we have slowly been optimizing these models. In this build, by combining multiple called textures, we have greatly reduced the number of drawcalls per aircraft (Ranging from 3-5 drawcalls) to 1.

In a later build, we will look into adding some LODs to the models to improve performance even more. However, due to the number of models and the 3 platforms we will have to reconvert the models for, this will take some time.


Emerald Object Library – Latest Version

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