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Scenery Related

I have ran the installer for Tetiaroa Atoll, but it is not showing up in my sim.

The Tetiaroa Atoll v1.0 installer does not include an automatic activator. Unless you have a later copy, you will have to automatically add it to the FSX scenery library.

I have installed one of your mesh sceneries. My airports are sunk into the ground and or display on a plateau.

This is because our mesh is a much higher resolution than the default that is included with your copy of FSX/P3D. Since the mesh points are closer together this creates a more uneven and detailed land than standard FSX/P3D; causing the airports to either sink into the ground or display on a plateau. The only way to fix this is to manually adjust the airport elevations as close to the surrounding elevations as possible. To do this you will need a program such as Airport Design Editor. We currently do not offer a fix for this. Sorry.

I just ran one of your installers. Why is it asking me to restart my computer if it only affects FSX/P3D?

Sometimes this message will display after running one of our installers with FSX/P3D open. There is no need to restart your computer. Simply restart your sim or reload the scenery library if the installer is only an update. If you are installing the scenery for the first time, please close your sim and rerun the installer.

Does your Emerald Object Library v2.0 need to be installed in a certain order?

No. This object library can be installed before or after the scenery you wish to install.

I just downloaded Solomon Islands X and all of its expansion sceneries. Do I need to install them in a certain order?

Yes. Hierarchy plays a major role in all of our Solomon Island releases. You don’t necessarily have to install them in a certain order, but they do need to be in a certain order in FSX’s scenery library. You can find a graphic documenting the proper structure of the FSX scenery library by navigating to “FSX/Addon Scenery/Solomon Islands Sceneries/documents” inside of which you will find an image titled “SolX_scenery_order.” Please note: this image may change over time, so check it after every new scenery install.

How do I uninstall SODE?

Sim Object Display Engine (SODE) may be uninstalled via the Windows Programs & Features list. You should only uninstall this program if instructed to do so. Keep in mind that this program is being incorporated by more developers. It’s removal may not affect only our sceneries.

As of SODE v1.4.0, you no longer have to manually uninstall older versions before updating. The SODE installer will do this automatically.

When was this Emerald Object Library build released?

New method – Implemented February 2021

Locate the version number in the installer (FSX/P3D only) you downloaded or the changelog that came with your download (MSFS users). The version number is the date that the libraries were released. (Ex. v21.2.24 = February 24th, 2021)

For FSX/P3D: In build 090116 and later (now known as v16.9.1), a txt document has been included in the Your Sim\Emerald Scenery Design\Documents folder, with the release date and build of the current Object Libraries. This simple document has been put in place to allow those who may have deleted the EOLv2 installer to easily find what build they have installed.

For MSFS: A changelog is currently provided in the downloaded file. The same changelog can be found alongside the libraries, here on the website.

As of February 2021, due to how versioning works in MSFS, it has been decided to move away from Builds and assign each release a version #. However, the version is much like the previous build number, as it uses the release date. However, for proper versioning, the date is now in international format (see the above example).

[FSX:SE Users] Scenery objects only appear when I am near.

If you are experiencing an issue where scenery items only appear once your aircraft is practically meters away from where the item should be, please add the following line to your fsx.cfg [SCENERY] section:  SmallPartRejectRadius=0


This tweak should only be needed for users of FSX:SE.

How do I uninstall Emerald Object Library v2.0?

Navigate to your FSX/P3D folder. Once you have arrived, simply search for the file EOLv2_Your Simulator_Uninstall.exe (Your Simulator = FSX/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/P3Dv4) Once this file has been located, double click to run the uninstall process. The files will be completely removed, although the Scenery Library entries will remain in your simulator until removed. (Unless you use P3Dv3 or later, then the installer is able to automatically remove them.) If you plan to completely remove this product for good, we recommend deleting these FSX/P3D Scenery Library entries before running the uninstall process. This will alleviate the headache of missing Scenery Library entry errors during the next boot-up.


Note: Each (P3Dv3 or later) uninstaller .exe should also have a .bat file of the same name alongside it. This file is used to remove the entry from your scenery library. It is launched automatically on uninstall and should never be ran before the uninstaller .exe.

Vegetation and Clutter items fail to show in Scenery.

If you are missing numerous scenery objects while using one of our sceneries, please ensure that you have installed the latest version of our Emerald Object Library.


Not all of our sceneries currently utilize these object libraries. These are mainly our older sceneries. If a scenery requires Emerald Object Library to be installed, it will be specified on the installer information page as well as in red text on the scenery’s download page and documentation.


If you have installed Emerald Object Library, and items still fail to show up, please ensure that the Libraries have been activated in your simulator’s Scenery Library.

Scenery Configurator Option Boxes are Blank

This is a configurator bug that will sometimes appear after installing an updated scenery over a previous version. This fix is simple: You only need to hit the Reset Scenery to Default button in the scenery configurator UI.

Emerald Scenery Design - Scenery Configurator Reset Issue - FAQ Example 1

Emerald Scenery Design - Scenery Configurator Reset Issue - FAQ Example 2

Installer Related

Registry Error – Please select default sim directory

If this error appears in the installation path bar of one of our installers, this means that the installer is unable to locate the installation directory of your simulator. The installer finds your installation directory by searching the following registry directories:


FSXHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0\AppPath
P3D v2.xHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\AppPath
P3D v3.xHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\AppPath
P3D v4.xHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\AppPath
P3D v5.xHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\AppPath


If the appropriate key above is not available, our installer will not be able to automatically locate your simulator’s directory. In this case, please navigate to your simulator’s directory manually.

Why does this scenery need to be installed into my sim’s main directory?

Some of our scenery installers contain files that need to be installed to default sim directories such as sounds, effects, and scenery\world. Our scenery activation methods also use relative paths, so installing the scenery outside of the default sim directory will cause the installer to activate a non existent scenery area or fail completely.


We will be looking into a better way to handle the scenery activation issue in the future. If you wish to install our scenery into another directory of your choosing, you will have to move all appropriate folders (Sounds, Effects, Scenery) to the default sim directory in order for that scenery to function correctly. You will then need to correct the Scenery Library path (If the installer registered the wrong path) or manually register the scenery in the Scenery Library. (If the installer skipped registration)

Website Related

Your webpage is not displaying correctly in my browser.

First off, clear your browser cache or do a hard refresh. (Ctrl+Click the refresh button) Ensure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. If that solves nothing, make sure your browser is up to date. (Our new website is built on WordPress, which utilizes many up-to-date coding languages that will not function right in some outdated browser versions.) If you are still experiencing issues, contact us with a detailed description of your observed issue. This will allow us to look into and fix the issue.