Allan Island, Washington

Developed by Chris Britton
FSX P3D v2.5 P3D v3 P3D v4 P3D v5

Located just a minute flight from FTX/ORBX's 74S Anacortes airport, (and actually covered in their scenery) Allan Island is a small 292-acre private island which received its name during the 1841 Wilkes expedition in honor of Lt. William Henry Allen, who was killed while commanding the USS Argus during the War of 1812. Allan Island is part of the San Juan Island Chain. Allan Island features an array of new objects and techniques which we have never used before in our development. This island is coated in a beautiful set of 30cm/px photoreal textures which will make you feel right at home in the PNW. For the first time ever, we have fully deployed an extremely high resolution digital elevation model, covering Allan and neighboring Burrows and Young Island in 2m/px resolution. An outstanding achievement.

Following these two combinations, Allan Island is also host for a brand new set of object libraries that arrived in the latest Emerald Object Library v2.0 build. The highlights of these models being the brand new 55-gallon fuel drums and slick traffic cones. Allan Island features a new take on our previous ground vegetation outtakes. We have deployed a new feature covering the entire runway it shorter 3D grass. This feature has turned out extremely nice so far, but may be a performance hog on slower systems. (Midrange is open for debate) Allan Island also features a nifty control panel in which you can easily deactivate features in the scenery, as well as swap the summer 3D grass for icy winter style grass.


  • 30cm/px photoreal imagery

  • Ultra HD 2m/px Terrain Mesh

  • Custom HD textures for all models

  • Seasonal vegetation models

    (Optional - Controlled with Configurator)

  • Dense grass covering the airstrip

    (Optional - Controlled with Configurator)

  • Additional custom Trees for increased density

    (Optional - Controlled with Configurator)

  • Campfire with enhanced smoke/fire effects

    (Effects are Optional - Controlled with Configurator)

Current Release | v1.2.2

Format: .EXE | File Size: 128.1 MB

Allan Island – Change Log

11/14/2020 v1.2.2
  • Fixed an issue caused by SODE, where dynamic objects were failing to appear or not functioning correctly.
4/20/2020 v1.2.1
  • Added support for P3Dv5!
  • Added environmentally-dynamic water puddles implemented with SODE.
  • Adjustments to Campfire elevation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Campfire model was being duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue where unused files wouldn’t be removed on reinstall or update.
  • Improvements to model Specular and Normal (Bump) textures.
7/2/2018 v1.2
  • Fixed an issue where runway type was set to Asphalt instead of Grass.
  • Fixed an issue where Campfire effects were not visible in P3Dv4.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue when using ORBX Anacortes.
  • Added Window reflections, Specular textures, Normal (Bump) and Light Maps to Cabin model.
  • Added P3Dv4 native support for airport AFCAD.
  • Added P3Dv4 native support for Cabin model.
  • Added P3Dv4 native support for all SODE-powered models.
  • Added optional custom trees to enhance Autogen density around the airstrip.
  • Added ambient audio.
  • Optimized Cabin model by removing internal triangles.
  • Optimized Terrain Mesh to reduce file size.
  • Improvements to Autogen annotation.
  • Moved Windsock to proper location.
8/22/2017 v1.1.2
  • Added support for P3Dv4!
  • SODE XML Updates
    • Added support for a new static windsock model variant.
    • Adjusted wind speed values.
    • Incorporated sim-specific models.
  • Adjusted scale of Airstream Camper.
  • Adjusted altitude of Picnic Table.
  • Optimizations to 2m Terrain Mesh.
  • Updated Scenery Configurator.
10/23/2016 v1.1
  • Fixed an issue where Allan Island was flat for FSX users.
  • Multiple changes, fixes, and improvements to the Photo Real.
    • Fixed an issue where some Blendmask edges were not properly blended.
    • Improved the accuracy and detail of the Watermask.
    • Removed satellite-image docks from the water.
  • Added an environmentally-dynamic windsock using SODE.
3/28/2016 v1.0
  • Initial Release