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Atmore Municipal Airport v1.2.1

Developed by Chris Britton for FSX.

Atmore Municipal Airport was known as our one week airport build. This scenery was developed back in our early days of development. Although it uses mostly default items, this is still one of our favorite legacy airport builds. Although it is highly dated, we decided to still offer the download, as many users still download and enjoy this scenery every day. There are no solid plans for a redux of this airport.


  • Photoreal custom ground vegetation.

  • High Quality 30cm/px photoreal ground textures.

    Includes seasonal & night textures.

  • Elevated threshold lights along the runway.

  • Updated and added roads near the airport.

Atmore Municipal – Change Log

5/26/2014 v1.2
  • Emerald Object Library is no longer required.
  • Added shorelines to the previously included vector ponds.
  • Photo Real has been reworked. Now includes seasonal variations.
 5/5/2013 v1.1
  • Photo Real has been reworked. All known flaws eliminated.
  • Minor Object positioning changes.
  • Old airport skirting now removed.
  • 14 accurately placed ponds added around the airport.
  • New and Enhanced Elevated Threshold lights.
    • Now include custom light effects.
  • Sparse rock placement around taxiways.
 4/13/2013 v1.0
  • Initial Release