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Idaho Airstrip Package v1.1

Developed by Chris Britton for FSX.

The Idaho Airstrip Package v1.1 includes custom ground vegetation, high quality custom models, 5 hi-res 15cm/px photo real airports, and 6 hi-res 30cm/pixel Craters and Buttes in the surrounding area. This scenery was developed to be fully compatible with FTX/ORBX CRM. All Photo Real imagery has been completely recolored from its original state.


  • Custom ground vegetation

  • High Quality custom models

  • Five 15cm/px photoreal airstrips

  • Six 30cm/px Craters and Buttes

  • Compatible with ORBX CRM.

Included Airports

Idaho Airstrip Package – Change Log

8/24/2015 v1.1
  • Reworked all airport AFCADS
  • Major updates to Photo Real Airports and Buttes
    • Added hard winter textures!
    • Updated blendmasks to fix minor masking issues
    • Added masks to decrease file size
    • Adjustments to scenery compression for best quality to file size
    • Some recoloring adjustments
  • Implemented new dynamic windsock using SODE
  • Updates to cabin textures
 2/27/2015 v1.02
  • Removed crash boxes from ground vegetation
  • Bug fixes
 10/29/2013 v1.0
  • Initial Release