Kantishna Airport, Alaska - Scenery for MSFS 2020

Kantishna Airport, Alaska v1.0.2

Developed by Chris Britton for MSFS

This scenery brings a much needed makeover to Kantishna Airport, completely rebuilding the airport from the ground up. Airport elevations have been corrected along with a custom texture for the gravel runway and parking area. Some fixes were also made to the river near the airport, excluding the water that covered areas that it shouldn't, such as areas of forest and sandbars.

This rendition of Kantishna is part of my series of lite releases for MSFS 2020. These releases aren't extremely feature rich, but are meant to be an improvement over what the simulator currently offers, usually created to fix problematic airport issues or design.

!! This scenery IS NOT compatible with the Alaska Water Height fix addon by Baddweapon !!


  • Custom gravel textures.

  • Overhauled tree placement in the vicinity of the airstrip.

  • Adds water to and flattens a few lakes in the area.

  • Adds a handful of (default) clutter models around the area.

Kantishna – Change Log

6/10/2021 | v1.0.2
  • Fixed “Overwrite taxi names” console error.
  • Removed custom materials from package. (Make sure you have the latest version of Emerald Object Library!)
11/28/2020 | v1.0.1
  • Added windsock.
  • Added more clutter models around the airstrip.
  • Changed file directory to conform to SDK standards.
  • Fixed an issue where the runway was sunk into the ground with v1.11.6.0 – World Update II.
  • Fixed an issue along the river where water was overlapping the shoreline.
  • Fixed an elevation issue with the nearby lake.
  • Fixed some gravel blending issues.
  • Hid aircraft footprints from view for a more natural look.
  • Materials now use .DDS format.
  • Renamed ground materials.
  • Removed default road texture along runway.
  • Removed a few stray bushes around the airport.
9/19/2020 | v1.0.0
  • Initial Release