Montana Creek Airstrip, Alaska for MSFS

Montana Creek, Alaska v1.0.1

Developed by Chris Britton for MSFS

Montana Creek is a private airstrip located 14.5 NM South of the town of Talkeetna, Alaska. The airstrip is located in a marsh field, with the runway being surrounded on all sides by trees, except for on the North end, which is cleared.

Montana Creek has been completely reworked from the ground-up, making numerous improvements to the airstrip and the general area surrounding it. In stock MSFS, the runway was unrealistically displayed in a hole, which has now been corrected to match the surrounding terrain. The runway has not been flattened, so elevations still vary slightly down it's length. Furthermore, a handful of fields in the surrounding area have also been retouched, drastically improving tree placement, which was originally way too dense, crowding out most of the fields. Some water features have also been reworked or had water added to them, if it was nonexistent in stock MSFS.

This rendition of Montana Creek is part of my series of lite releases for MSFS 2020. These releases aren't extremely feature rich, but are meant to be an improvement over what the simulator currently offers, usually created to fix problematic airport issues or design.


  • Rebuilt from the ground-up!

  • Corrected runway elevations.

  • Overhauled tree placement near the airstrip.

  • Adds water to and corrects several water features in the area.

  • Adds a handful of (default) clutter models around the area.

Montana Creek – Change Log

9/9/2021 | v1.0.1
  • Added terraforming to a nearby pond.
  • Removed some stray trees.
1/6/2021 | v1.0.0
  • Initial Release