Solomon Islands X

Developed by Chris Britton and Jon Blue
FSX P3D v2.5 P3D v3 P3D v4 P3D v5

Solomon Islands X is a scenery addon developed specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, covering all of the Solomon Islands in 38 meter terrain mesh, hand-placed LandClass, WaterClass, Shoreline Vector (Water Body data), and areas of color-matched Photo Real. This is an early access donationware project, so it has not yet reached it completed stage. It will continue to be improved upon as time passes. This addon was developed to be used with FTX Global as it does not come with it's own set of Land Class textures. (Besides grass fields) It can be used with a stock variation of FSX, but terrain textures will not look as nice. When finished, this scenery will cover all of the Solomon Islands and even part of PNG.

Any minor patches for this product and its expansion packs will be available for download on our updates page. All major updates will require a redownload of the scenery. Please keep in mind, this scenery is free to the public, but hundreds of hours have gone into developing this expansive addon thus far. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will help fund the continued development and research for this project as well as cover the hosting costs of our website and it's downloads. Donations can be made via the donation button below. We thank you for your support, and hope this scenery improves your simming experience greatly!

Things to know before downloading:

  1. As it stands right now, FTX/ORBX Global is highly recommended and encouraged to be used with this scenery. It provides stunning LandClass textures Worldwide, that provide a much better experience than default textures.
  2. Since it is at a much higher resolution, FS Global Mesh will work with this scenery, but please take note that this scenery (and any addons for it) was designed with the included 38 meter mesh in mind. At this time, we can not guarantee full compatibility with FS Global Mesh, or any other 3rd party mesh for that matter.
  3. As this scenery is now in the Beta development stage, we will finally be offering support for this product. If you encounter any issues, please send us an email so that the issue can be resolved. Please note that we are well aware of some issues and the fact that the scenery is not yet complete. From this point forward, scenery updates will have to slow down, because the scope of this project has changed significantly since we first began working on it.

Note: Please completely uninstall any Alpha versions of Solomon Islands Terrain and Solomon Islands Airports base packs before installing the Beta version of this scenery. Both the Terrain and Airports base packs have been combined into a single installer. Failing to uninstall these Alpha versions will result in duplicates.



  • 37 Airports (And counting).

  • 38 meter Terrain Mesh.

  • Custom hand-placed LandClass.

  • Reworked WaterClass.

  • Multiple areas in colormatched 60cm/px photoreal.

  • Multiple areas in colormatched 1.2meter/px photoreal.

  • Waterbody and Shoreline Vector, including hand-drawn vector for many small islands.

    (FTX Global Vector is no longer required)

  • Some custom LandClass textures.

Current Release | v0.61

Format: .EXE | File Size: 651.5 MB

Solomon Islands X – Change Log

July 1, 2021 | Beta v0.61
  • Added and improved LandClass around Yandina (AGGY).
  • Added streams & trails back to Makira, Ulawa, Maramasike, Mbava, Vella Lavella, Kolombangara, Gizo, Vonavona, and Ranongga island.
    • Some roads also added near Munda (AGGM).
  • Improvements to all photoreal areas, including optimization to further reduce file size.
  • Removed a bridge near Kirakira (AGGK).
  • Removed some duplicate trails around Yandina (AGGY).
  • Updated OSM shoreline vector data for Pavuvu, Mbanika, Makira, Ulawa, Maramasike, Mbava, Turavilu, Vella Lavella, Vonavona, and Ranongga island.
    • Many smaller islands have been hand-traced for greater accuracy around Pavuvu & Mbanika island, as well as a few other locations.
SolX Airports
  • Added Nissan Island Airport (NIS).
  • Fixed inverted hold-short at AYIQ.
May 2, 2020 | Beta v0.60
  • Added P3Dv5 compatibility!
  • Added 120cm (1.2m/px) photoreal coverage for point south of Buin.
  • Added 120cm (1.2m/px) photoreal coverage for Jaba River.
  • Added 120cm (1.2m/px) photoreal coverage for Baruku Island.
  • Changes to WaterClass for compatibility with Jaba River photoreal.
  • Tweaked Panguna Mine photoreal to match coloring of new Jaba River photoreal coverage.
SolX Airports
  • All airports exported as P3Dv5 native.
  • Added 2 more static ships at TLG1 with Image Complexities ranging from Dense to Extremely Dense settings.
  • Changes to AYBK
    • Added wind T near each windsock (static).
    • Runway designation sign was lost in overgrown grass. Grass mowed and sign returned to proper position.
    • Tweaked parking #3 taxi line.
  • Changes to AYIQ
    • Added missing runway designation sign.
    • Fixed a few taxi link issues.
    • Fixed reversed hold-short marking.
  • Fixed missing ALT file for AGKG (FSX users only).
  • Fixed an installer issue where P3Dv2 native files were being used in P3Dv4.
  • Tweaked Image Complexity of several static buildings at AGGH.
April 1, 2020 | Beta v0.59
  • Added more LC coverage on Bougainville (North Solomons) Island.
  • Reworked shorelines for some islands near Buka (AYBK).
  • Removed a vector bridge near Arawa airport.
  • Changes to WaterClass for volcanic lakes near Mt. Bagana.
SolX Airports
  • Added Buin (AYUI)
  • Added Tonu (AYVO)
  • Added Geva (AGEV)
  • Changes to AYIQ
    • Reworked AFCAD to depict latest known (2019) layout.
    • Airport name changed from Aropa to Kieta.
  • Changes to AGGO
    • Airport name changed from Mono to Stirling Island.
August 1, 2019 | Beta v0.58
  • Added and improved LandClass around Buka (AYBK).
  • Added roads, trails and streams back to QMID area 9035 (Covers Guadalcanal and more).
  • Added volcanic steam to Mount Bagana.
  • Added 60cm photoreal coverage for West Guadalcanal Reefs.
  • Added 60 & 120cm (1.2m/px) photoreal coverage for Mount Balbi (PNG).
  • Added new custom 7cm textures for Asphalt and Dirt roads.
  • Added new higher resolution custom sand LandClass texture.
  • Updated grass field LandClass texture, improving resolution.
  • Updated photoreal for Panguna Mine from 120cm (1.2m/px) to 60cm.
  • Optimized some photoreal areas to better reduce file size.
    • GuadalcanalDF
    • PavuvuArea
    • SavoIsland
  • Removed a vector bridge on Guadalcanal.
  • Removed unused seasonal landclass textures.
  • Reworked shorelines for the entire island of, and some islands surrounding Guadalcanal.
  • Changes to WaterClass for compatibility with Guadalcanal West Reefs coverage.
SolX Airports
  • Added Buka Airport (AYBK). [Control Panel option for ORBX AYPY Jacksons compatibility.]
  • Fixed an issue where Buka’s (AYBK) apron was excluded by SolX Vector.
January 1, 2019 | Beta v0.57
  • Added more LC coverage near AGGF.
  • Added roads, trails and streams back to QMID areas 9036 and 9235.
  • Added annotated autogen bushes to custom Landclass grass textures.
  • Fixed a bug in QMID area 9035 where a small water poly area was inverted.
  • Fixed an issue where new vector data did not display on in-sim maps. (When using SolX vector)
  • Fixed an issue where default freeway cars were still visible in some areas.
  • Updated OSM base vector data for Kolombangara island. (This data is more refined than what we originally had available)
    • Made some accuracy improvements to new base vector, focusing on larger inaccuracies.
  • Reworked Terrain excludes, splitting excludes into QMID regions.
  • Updated configurator for compatibility with new exclude changes.
  • Made some vector improvements around AGGH.
  • Improved vector for islands near AGGN.
  • Improved vector for many islands near and around AGGM.
  • Minor vector improvements to Rennell Island for compatibility with roads, trails and streams.
  • Minor vector improvements to Nendo Island for compatibility with roads, trails and streams.
SolX Airports
  • Added Kukudu Airport (AGKU)
  • Added Aropa [Kieta] Airport (AYIQ)
  • Honiara Intl /Henderson Field (AGGH)
    • Updated radio frequencies.
    • Adjusted positioning of hangers near helipad1.
  • Babanakira [old] (AGGI)
    • Removed all default information data. (Because AGGI was changed to AGGD)
  • Choiseul (AGGC) is now known as Taro Island.
November 1, 2018 | Beta v0.56
  • Added mesh for Tevai island. (Near Naunonga) [No data coverage was available prior to this update.]
  • Fixed missing mesh area on Ulava island.
  • Fixed reversed shorelines at Ulava island.
  • Fixed corrupt QMID areas 9235, 9236 & 9336.
September 1, 2018 | Beta v0.55
  • Fixed LandClass overlay issues near AGGH.
  • All residual files will now be removed when uninstalling. (Requires full installer)
SolX Vector
  • Improved vector accuracy near and for the following airports:
    • Ballalae (AGGE)
    • Maringe (AGGF)
    • Santa Anna (AGGT)
    • Kaghau (AGKG)
  • Reworked Lungga River. (Near AGGH) [Based on new 2018 imagery]
  • Minor adjustments to QMID regions 9235 & 9236
  • Adjustments to Nugu and Rua Sura Island areas.
SolX Airports
  • Added Malekolon (MKO) & Kaghau (AGKG)
February 1, 2018 | Beta v0.54
  • More hand-placed Landclass added!
  • Added 60cm/px imagery for Islands/Reefs near Arawa. (ARA)
  • Added Volcano Steam to Mount Balbi.
  • Terrain Mesh
    • Further optimized by drastically reducing useless data and splitting up source files.
    • Fixed some missing data near Choiseul (AGGC) and Nidero Island.
  • SolX Vector
    • Hand-traced and added 123 islands for increased vector accuracy.
    • Fixed an issue near Malu’u where base Vector data detected a reef as land.
    • Improved vector accuracy near and for Choiseul Airport. (AGGC)
    • Improved vector accuracy for Nusatupe Airport. (AGGN)
    • Added hand-crafted vector for Ontong Java and Tasman Atoll.
    • Added Lahala Lake.
  • Updated/added roads near Munda. (AGGM)
  • Fixed Bagana Volcanic Lake Waterclass.
  • Expanded Water Class to cover Anuta Island.
  • Reverted custom Landclass textures from DDS to BMP format. (They were broke under DDS)
SolX Airports
  • Added WAI.
  • Added AGNA.
  • Added AGGU.
  • Added AGAR.
  • Added AGAF.
  • Added ARA.
  • Changes to AGGN
    • Overrun changed to Offset Threshold. (Adds white Arrows)
    • Added fixed distance markers to the runway.
    • Taxi lines and parking T’s now display.
    • Replaced sandy airport ground with grass. (Grass has regrown IRL)
    • Adjustments to flatten layout.
    • Adjusted airport elevation.
  • Changes to AGGD
    • Fixed an issue that caused the runway to sink below the ground.
    • Flatten now excludes autogen.
  • Changes to AGGM
    • Reworked AFCAD to depict it’s latest known (2017) layout.
    • Flatten now excludes autogen.
  • Changes to AGGH
    • Renamed CVX BGL.
    • Completely reworked airport grass polygon.
    • Flatten now excludes autogen.
    • Fixed missing exclude.
  • P3Dv4 native airport AFCADs are now included.
June 8, 2017 | Beta v0.53
  • Support for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4.
  • Updated scenery activation process.
  • Optimized Terrain Mesh.
  • Removed flatten from river on Guadalcanal to eliminate excessive valley depth.
  • Guadalcanal Landclass Tweaks.
March 1, 2017 | Beta v0.52
  • More hand-placed Land Class added!
  • Now including Shoreline Vector and Water Body data for the entire Solomon Islands! (FTX Global Vector is no longer needed)
  • Introduced Scenery Configurator to switch between SolX and 3rd party Vector sets.
  • Converted all legacy Bitmaps to DDS format for improved performance.
  • Fixed waves sometimes showing on land at Suavanao.
  • Fixed flat island near Kaghau.
  • Refined some shorelines and islands near Suavanao.
  • Hand-traced 100+ islands for increased vector accuracy.
  • Fixed a few autogen annotation bugs on Guadalcanal.
  • Corrections to blendmasks of San Jorge Island area.
SolX Airports
  • Recompiled P3D versions to fix potential issues.
  • Minor updates to AGGA, AGGC, AGGS, and TGL1.
  • Major updates to AGGH.
May 1, 2016 | Beta v0.51
  • More hand-placed landclass added!
  • Filled some holes in 38m Terrain Mesh data
  • Corrections to blendmask(s), adjusted coloring, and further optimized Mahige Island area
  • Corrections to blendmask(s), adjusted coloring of Panguna Mine
  • Divided photoreal areas within RuaSuraArea bgl into separate bgls to reduce file size
  • Corrections to blendmask(s) in Lagale Island area
  • Corrections to blendmask(s) in Nugu Island area
  • Corrections to blendmask(s) in Rua Sura area
  • Added hand-crafted shoreline vector for Ontong Java Atoll!
  • SolX Airports — Added: AGGN, AGAT, AGGD, AGGV, AGGQ
December 1, 2015 | Beta v0.50
  • Support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v2 and 3
  • Corrected spelling mistakes in file names
  • Now includes SolX: Airports Base Pack as all-in-one installer
November 1, 2015 | Alpha v0.49
  • More hand-placed landclass added!
  • Fixed missing shoreline exclude in previous vector areas
  • Added new hand-crafted shoreline vector for the areas of Bellona, Rennell, and Taumako
  • Expanded coverage area to include MKO, NIS, and Anuta Island
October 1, 2015 | Alpha v0.48
  • More hand-placed landclass added!
  • Tweaks to Tinakula Volcano photoreal
  • Higher resolution terrain mesh for the entire region! (38m!)
  • New 1.2m/px palm fields Photo Real area for Guadalcanal
September 1, 2015 | Alpha v0.47
  • More hand-placed landclass added!
  • New 60cm/px photoreal area for Guadalcanal
August 1, 2015 | Alpha v0.46
  • More hand-placed landclass added!
  • Fixed inverted shorelines in custom vector areas 8933 and 9134
June 1, 2015 | Alpha v0.44
  • More hand-placed landclass added!
  • Improvements to vector roads near AGGM
  • Updated waterclass for compatibility with new photo real areas
  • Added photo real for Mahiga Island area
  • Added photo real for Rua Sura Island area
  • Fixed documentation errors from initial release
May 11, 2015 | Alpha v0.43
  • Initial Release