Guam 3m Terrain Mesh + Northern Mariana Islands has been updated to Service Pack 2. All data has been reprocessed and exported at double the bit depth to allow for super smooth elevation transitions. We have also added a configurator to better handle 3rd party scenery compatibility.


Whats new in SP2?

  • Added support for P3Dv4
  • Source data is now exported as 32-bit (as opposed to 16-bit) for improved detail.
  • Optimized mesh by removing unneeded data.
  • Added a Configurator to easily enable/disable airport corrections. (For 3rd party addon compatibility)
  • Guam 3m Terrain Mesh will now be removed from the Scenery Library when uninstalling. (P3Dv3 and v4 only!)


A configurator?

Over the last few years we have received a few inquiries from users asking how to make our mesh more compatible with 3rd party airports. To simplify the compatibility process, we have introduced a configurator where users can easily activate or deactivate our airport elevation changes. Deactivating an airport in the configurator will eliminate conflicting files and allow the 3rd party scenery to display properly. However, do understand that this doesn’t mean the other scenery in question will play nice with our mesh. There is still a very likely chance that the airport will have elevation issues since it was never designed with this high resolution mesh in mind.


Guam 3m Terrain Mesh Configurator


Important Notes!

Older versions of this scenery were released under Emerald Mesh Development, a now disbanded division of Emerald Scenery Design. Since we have now re-branded the scenery and it’s installer, all users will need to completely uninstall any old versions of this scenery. Failure to do so will cause conflicts between the two different scenery versions.

To uninstall the scenery, run the uninstaller in your simulator’s default directory or through Programs and Features.


If you previously purchased this scenery from our store, you can get this update by logging into your account and downloading the complete scenery again from your Purchase History. If you have purchased this scenery from FSPilotShop, you will need to wait a few days for the vendor to update their files.


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