An old project gets some new love. Previously released under Emerald Mesh Development, (A division of Emerald Scenery Design, at the time) Hawaii 10m Terrain Mesh was a freeware scenery developed to bring the latest 10 meter elevation data to all of the Hawaiian islands.

During an afternoon of boredom, it was decided to revive this scenery and develop it to the current standards of Emerald Scenery Design.


What’s new in version 2.0?

  • Completely reworked mesh using the latest source data.
  • Optimized mesh by removing unneeded data.
  • Source data is now exported as 32-bit (as opposed to 16-bit) for improved detail.
  • A new installer supporting Prepar3D v3 and v4.


Hawaii Optimized.

This wasn’t just a quick and dirty update. Hawaii 10m Terrain Mesh v2 has been completely rebuild from the USGS’s latest source data to ensure that it’s 100% up-to-date. Steps were also taken to remove much of the useless water and transparency data to shed many megabytes off of the final product. On top of this, we have also exported the altered data as 32-bit TIFFs as opposed to v1’s 16-bit TIFFs. This allows for the smoothest elevation transitions possible.


A new Installer.

Hawaii 10m Terrain Mesh v2 has also received an updated installer supporting FSX and Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v3.x and v4.x. Since it is assumed that very few users still use P3Dv2, it has not been included in this new installer. If for some reason you still use P3Dv2, you can use the FSX option to install this scenery to your simulator. Just note that the mesh will need to be manually activated, as the activator is only designed to work with FSX or FSX:SE.


Hawaii 10m Terrain Mesh v2 – Download

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