Kaghau Airport, Solomon Islands has been updated to v1.13. This update adds support for P3Dv5, addresses a few issues, and makes a handful of improvements to the scenery.

Most notably, all building models have been updated to include Specular and Bump Map textures. The models themselves have also been optimized by removing some polygons that were unintentionally rendered, while hidden from sight.

An issue relating to P3Dv4 was also fixed, where it was discovered the P3Dv3 AFCAD had been used in the last installer, resulting in the airport not showing up under select airport in later versions of P3Dv4.


What’s new in v1.13?

  • Added support for P3Dv5!
  • Added Specular and Bump maps to building textures.
  • Added reflections to building windows.
  • Optimizations to building models, removing hidden polygons.
  • Fixed an issue where P3Dv3 native AFCAD was being used in P3Dv4. (P3Dv4 users only)
  • Fixed floating huts on Laena Island.


How to download Kaghau v1.13

For those who have purchased this scenery over at the flightsim.com store, Kaghau v1.13 can now be downloaded from your account.

As a reminder, if you have purchased this scenery from the now defunct FSPilotShop, you may contact us to regain access to your download through the Emerald Scenery Design Store. For more information, please see the following post:

Concerning Your Orders from FSPilotShop


If you have purchased Kaghau through the ESD Store, you can click the button below to obtain the latest version through your order history (You must be logged in!). On your order history, choose the appropriate order and click “View Details and Downloads.” There you will find the link to download the scenery.

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