Pine Island Helistop is a utility helipad located on Pine Island, near Fort Myers, Florida. The helipad is operated by Lee County Mosquito Control District and has been created from the ground up using default MSFS objects and materials. Some custom materials have been used, provided by the integration of Emerald Object Library. Trees around the heliport property have been redone for greater accuracy, default road textures in the industrial area have been removed and replaced with better textures, and two parking lots have been detailed. Two water silos have also been added to the north of the industrial park, as they were detected as buildings in the default sim.


Spawning on the Helipads

Pine Island Helistop is registered in the sim as 4FD6, and is displayed as an airport icon, not a helipad. This is because a runway had to be added to allow you to spawn on location. As soon as ASOBO offers better support for heliports, this will be reverted to show as a heliport in the sim.

There are two helipads at 4FD6. The runway designations East and West will spawn you on the East or West Helipad.


Emerald Object Library Update

Emerald Object Library for MSFS has been updated to version 21.4.27. This new version adds the custom apron materials used in some of ESD’s other MSFS sceneries, as well as some new apron decals used in this scenery. These common materials will be removed from ESD’s current MSFS releases in an effort to reduce file duplication, so make sure you grab the latest version of EOL!


!! Emerald Object Library is required for the proper display of this scenery! It can be downloaded from our freeware page.

Pine Island Helistop for MSFS