While investigating something completely unrelated earlier today, I discovered that all environmentally-dynamic features using SODE have been broke for quite some time! How it’s gone months without a single report, I have no clue!

So, in short, this update fixes that issue as well as a few quality of life improvements to the installer, rewriting all of the scripting to streamline and simplify the process. This fixes all the potential issues as described in the Bear Island v2.1.5 Installer QoL Fix.


Change Log

Here’s a summary of all of the changes made in Shump & Chunilna Creek v1.0.1!

  • Fixed an issue where SODE features were no longer working.
  • Installer QoL improvements:
    • Fixed an issue where the Configurator would throw an error if the installer was exited before the scenery activation process completed.
  • Updated 29Palms Configurator.


Vendors have been sent the update and should have it live fairly soon! If you purchased it directly, you can grab the update by clicking Download on the product page!
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