Solomon Islands X – v0.54 Update Now Available for FSX and P3D v2-4!

Solomon Islands X has been updated to v0.54. This new update includes many tweaks, fixes, improvements, and some new additions to the scenery.


What’s new in v0.54?

  • More hand-placed Landclass added!
  • Added 60cm/px imagery for Islands/Reefs near Arawa. (ARA)
  • Added Volcano Steam to Mount Balbi.
  • Terrain Mesh
    • Further optimized by drastically reducing useless data and splitting up source files.
    • Fixed some missing data near Choiseul (AGGC) and Nidero Island.
  • SolX Vector
    • Hand-traced and added 123 islands for increased vector accuracy.
    • Fixed an issue near Malu’u where base Vector data detected a reef as land.
    • Improved vector accuracy near and for Choiseul Airport. (AGGC)
    • Improved vector accuracy for Nusatupe Airport. (AGGN)
    • Added hand-crafted vector for Ontong Java and Tasman Atoll.
    • Added Lahala Lake.
  • Updated/added roads near Munda. (AGGM)
  • Fixed Bagana Volcanic Lake Waterclass.
  • Expanded Water Class to cover Anuta Island.
  • Reverted custom Landclass textures from DDS to BMP format. (They were broke under DDS)


SolX Airports

  • Added WAI.
  • Added AGNA.
  • Added AGGU.
  • Added AGAR.
  • Added AGAF.
  • Added ARA.
  • Changes to AGGN
    • Overrun changed to Offset Threshold. (Adds white Arrows)
    • Added fixed distance markers to the runway.
    • Taxi lines and parking T’s now display.
    • Replaced sandy airport ground with grass. (Grass has regrown IRL)
    • Adjustments to flatten layout.
    • Adjusted airport elevation.
  • Changes to AGGD
    • Fixed an issue that caused the runway to sink below the ground.
    • Flatten now excludes autogen.
  • Changes to AGGM
    • Reworked AFCAD to depict it’s latest known (2017) layout.
    • Flatten now excludes autogen.
  • Changes to AGGH
    • Completely reworked airport grass polygon.
    • Flatten now excludes autogen.
    • Renamed CVX BGL.
    • Fixed missing exclude.
  • P3Dv4 native airport AFCADs are now included.


Due to the number of changes to core scenery files and the installer functionality, an incremental update has not been provided for this version. All users will need to redownload the scenery. Previous beta versions do not need to be removed. You may simply install this new version over them.


Solomon Islands X – Full Installer

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