Solomon Islands X has been updated to v0.61! This release has focused on updating the OSM Vector data for many areas, greatly improving shoreline detail, as well as adding Roads, Streams, and Trails data back to many of the same areas. Every single area of photoreal has also been recompiled using the latest optimization techniques. Without resulting to lossy techniques, this is probably the smallest this package will ever be. After these optimizations, as well as some optimizations to other files included in the package, I was able to reduce the total installer package size by ~25 MB.

I have to admit, having photoreal in this package dating back years, I couldn’t remember what all I had optimized previously, but after going through all of the source data and reapplying all my optimization techniques, I was surprised that most everything was already very well optimized. Actually, in some cases, the optimization was too aggressive, which lead to some clipping and artifacts in the blending. However, all of that has been resolved with the new technique. So, the reason only ~25 MB was saved in the optimization was largely due to the aggressively removed data being added back. So, all-in-all, it’s a win-win!

Several artifacts in the source data have also been fixed, however I have opted not to list them specifically in the release notes, but to generalize, as this would create quite the list.

Anyways, I think that’s enough droning on for this one. Check out the release notes and go grab the updated installer!


What’s new in v0.61?

  • Added and improved LandClass around Yandina (AGGY).
  • Added streams & trails back to Makira, Ulawa, Maramasike, Mbava, Vella Lavella, Kolombangara, Gizo, Vonavona, and Ranongga island.
    • Some roads also added near Munda (AGGM).
  • Improvements to all photoreal areas, including optimization to further reduce file size.
  • Removed a bridge near Kirakira (AGGK).
  • Removed some duplicate trails around Yandina (AGGY).
  • Updated OSM shoreline vector data for Pavuvu, Mbanika, Makira, Ulawa, Maramasike, Mbava, Turavilu, Vella Lavella, Vonavona, and Ranongga island.
    • Many smaller islands have been hand-traced for greater accuracy around Pavuvu & Mbanika island, as well as a few other locations.

SolX Airports

  • Added Nissan Island Airport (NIS).
  • Fixed inverted hold-short at AYIQ.


Due to the amount of large files updated in this release, an update only option is not available. Please download and run the full installer!

Solomon Islands X – Full Installer