Suavanao Airport, Solomon Islands has been updated to v1.2.4. This update adds support for P3Dv5, makes a handful of improvements to the scenery and fixes an issue relating to SODE.


What’s new in v1.13?

  • Added support for P3Dv5!
  • Added water poly underlay beneath marshy photo real area. (NW side of the photoreal coverage)
  • Fixed an issue caused by SODE, where dynamic objects were failing to appear or not functioning correctly.
  • Improvements to photoreal.
    • Some of the smaller islands near the shore were missed during the color-matching process. They have been corrected.
    • Reworked blendmask to better blend into the default scenery.
    • Adjusted blendmask to allow water underlay to slightly bleed through in the marshy area.
  • Improvements to autogen annotation.


This is a stand-alone update, which requires the full package to be downloaded. An update only option is not provided.

Download Suavanao