Talkeetna Airport (PATK) for MSFS 2020 has been updated to version 1.0.7. This update was mainly focused on improving Alaska Floats and Skis on Christiansen lake. Trees were cleared out around the property and the docks have been redone using our own models from Emerald Object Library. A few other changes have also been made to Talkeetna and the Village Strip, which you can find in the notes below:


What’s new in v1.0.7?

  • Added a missing gravel parking lot area at Talkeetna.
  • Added a water apron to hide aircraft and dock aerial textures at Alaska Floats and Skis.
  • Added a grass apron at Talkeetna Village Strip to hide aircraft in the aerial texture.
  • Added another dock parking spot at Alaska Floats and Skis, and repositioned original.
  • Added Talkeenta VOR model (Requires World Update: USA).
  • Improvements to Alaska Floats and Skis on Christiansen Lake, adding more detail.
  • Integration of Emerald Object Library.
  • Removed custom material library files (Now included in EOL to reduce duplicate files).
  • Replaced the static XCub with a parking spot at Talkeetna Village Strip.


!! This is a stand-alone update. Completely remove any old versions of this scenery to avoid conflicts!

Download Talkeetna for MSFS