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Emerald Object Library (Also available on Marketplace) is required for this scenery to display as intended! Not installing the library will result in most models not showing throughout the scenery. Emerald Object Library is our own in-house collection of static and dynamic models, materials, and VFX which allows us to push fixes for common assets across multiple products at once, as well as keep the required space of our addons to a minimum by eliminating duplicates in each project.

Welcome to Fort Crosby!

Fort Crosby (8AK5) is a private airstrip located 12.5 nm (23.1 km) to the Northwest of Talkeetna, Alaska. It has a single gravel runway with roughly 1500 ft (457 m) usable, which makes it quite comfortable for most General Aviation aircraft. The only real restriction being on the Northern half of the runway where Dirt and Snow Berms (during the Winter) restrict wingspan and clearance.

Following in the footsteps of our previous releases, Fort Crosby has been brought to life in incredible detail, with a heavy focus on environmentals and dynamic features! It is the perfect companion addon for our nearby Chunilna Cabin Strip payware and Snowflake Lake freeware!