Solomon Islands X for FSX and P3D
Solomon Islands X v0.54 - Now Available!
An early access scenery covering the entire
Solomon Islands. Developed for FSX and P3D.
Guam 3 meter Terrain Mesh for FSX and P3D

Guam 3m Terrain Mesh SP2 - Now Available!

The entire Island of Guam in hi-resolution
3 meter Terrain Mesh! Developed for FSX/P3D.

Bear Island v2.1 for FSX and P3D

Bear Island v2.1 - Now Available!

A Florida classic recreated in incredible
detail. Developed for FSX/P3D.

Hawaii 10m Mesh v2 for FSX and P3D

Hawaii 10m Mesh v2

Hawaii optimized and now supporting
Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v3 & 4

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Home of Solomon Islands X

Early Access Donationware for FSX and P3D.

Solomon Islands X is a scenery addon developed specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, covering all of the Solomon Islands in 38 meter terrain mesh, hand-placed Land Class, Water Class, Shoreline Vector (Water Body data), and areas of color-matched Photo Real. This is an early access donationware project, so it has not yet reached it completed stage. It will continue to be improved upon as time passes. This addon was developed to be used with FTX Global as it does not come with it's own set of Land Class textures. (Besides grass fields) It can be used with a stock variation of FSX, but terrain textures will not look as nice. When finished, this scenery will cover all of the Solomon Islands and even part of PNG.

Suavanao, Solomon Islands

Developed for FSX and P3D. This is the ultimate off-airport island-hopping experience. Suavanao's rough runway will teach you how to land like a bushpilot. This scenery requires Solomon Islands X and our Emerald Object Library.

Kaghau, Solomon Islands

Developed for FSX and P3D. Kaghau Island Airport is a relaxing, tropical destination. Its smooth runway and tight, yet clean approaches make it an awesome destination to visit. This scenery requires Solomon Islands X and our Emerald Object Library.

Emerald Object Libraries

Developed for FSX and P3D. Although these object libraries are not (currently) a requirement for the Solomon Islands X regional package, these object libraries are required for all freeware and payware airports developed after July of 2015.

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