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Get Forwood Farm When You Purchase The Got Friends Wilga!

Forwood Farm is included in every purchase of the Got Friends Wilga. // The version offered here is a stand-alone copy for those who may not be interested in the Wilga!


Forwood Farm (EGH2) is a quiet farm airstrip in the countryside of East Retford in the UK. The airstrip is a popular Caravanner location with miles of trails to explore and is also home to which operates the PZL Wilga 35A G-BUNC offering towing services from banners to gliders around the UK.

This scenery has been created in partnership with Got Friends who traveled to Forwood Farm to record sounds from G-BUNC for their Wilga addon. Mykrode and 270inc played a huge role in the modeling and texturing of assets for this project.

Forwood Farm has been brought to life in incredible detail, using nearly all custom libraries which have been directly integrated into the package, requiring no dependencies. This is a rarity of Emerald Scenery Design addons and will not become the norm, but due to the collaborative nature of this package, and the fact that it has also been bundled with the Got Friends Wilga, it needed to be stand-alone!