Allan Island has been updated to v1.1.2. This new update includes a few tweaks and improvements as well as support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v4.


An incremental patch has been released with this update. It can be downloaded from our updates page. This incremental patch requires Allan Island v1.1 to be installed prior to running the updater. The incremental patch is only for FSX, P3Dv2 and P3Dv3 users. Users of P3Dv4 will need to redownload the entire scenery.


What’s new in v1.1.2?

  • Added support for P3Dv4!
  • SODE XML Updates
    • Added support for a new static windsock model variant.
    • Adjusted wind speed values.
    • Incorporated sim-specific models.
  • Adjusted scale of Airstream Camper.
  • Adjusted altitude of Picnic Table.
  • Optimizations to 2m Terrain Mesh.
  • Updated Scenery Configurator.


Allan Island v1.1.2 Configurator
Allan Island v1.1.2 – Updated Scenery Configurator.


Allan Island – Download Download Allan Island Update

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