Bear Island has been updated to v2.1. This new update includes many tweaks, improvements, and some new additions to the scenery.


What’s new in v2.1?

  • Added Tree Stumps and Fallen Tree Trunk models to the scenery. (Placed under Clutter items in the Control Panel)
  • Added custom 7cm/px ground textures to enhance the shoreline and water blending near the dock.
  • Added dense Wild Flower filler vegetation. (New Control Panel option)
  • Added 3D vegetation to the clearing between the Row Boat and Windsock.
  • Added lapping water ambient sound near dock.
  • Added Specular maps to House.
  • Added Specular maps to Hanger.
  • Reworked Water Reed placement.
  • Repositioned several rocks.
  • Fixed a seasonal bug in the 30cm imagery.
  • Configurator Changes:
    • Added missing option to enable/disable Weeds & Tall Grass.
    • Added option to enable/disable Wild Flower fillers.
    • Retitled a few options.
  • SODE XML Updates:
    • Repositioned and added several Rain Puddles.
    • Added support for SODE handled P3Dv4 native models.
  • Renamed a few BGL files.
  • Purchased new Super Cub model. Removed and replaced older model.
  • Bear Island v2 will now be removed from the Scenery Library when uninstalling. (P3Dv3 and v4 only!)


Bear Island – Full Installer

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