I am extremely excited to announce the release of Chunilna Cabin Strip for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! Although it shares a similar name to my previous release for FSX & P3D, this is a completely different airstrip, for a completely different simulator!

Though, much like that previous scenery, Chunilna Cabin Strip comes highly detailed with a heavy focus on environmentals. A lot of development time went into expanding Emerald Object library with new models, including ESD’s first implementation of SimObjects using behavior coding. This will pave the way for greater dynamic detail in all of ESD’s future scenery releases!


Chunilna Cabin Strip for MSFS

Probably the most detailed backcounty strip you have yet to fly into..

My goal with Chunilna Cabin Strip was to transform a little known, unlisted, backcountry airstrip into one of the most environmentally detailed sceneries for MSFS 2020!

Every scenery needs a good foundation, and that’s why I started with a 2-meter Digital Elevation Model. Not only is this the latest and most detailed DEM available for this area, but having the DEM ensures that the scenery is fully compatible with ORBX’s NA Alaska Mesh!

To top that off, I hand placed thousands of vegetation models, including 3D Trees, Shrubs, Weeds, and Wildflowers. Then came the custom buildings and various clutter models to tie it all together!

All in all, this is no doubt the most detailed scenery I have ever created for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it certainly wont be the last!


Chunilna Cabin Strip Wood Shelter


  • Custom ground textures.
    Colored to match the surrounding terrain.
  • 2-meter digital elevation model.
    Compatible with ORBX NA Alaska Mesh!
  • Uneven/sloped runway for that authentic backcountry experience!
    Look out for rocks!
  • Hand-placed, native vegetation.
    Weeds, Wildflowers, Shrubs/Bushes, and 3D Trees. Includes LODs for improved performance.
  • Custom airstrip buildings, cabin, and various clutter models.
    Up to 8k resolution PBR materials. Cabin includes 3D interior, window rain VFX, and environmental occlusion.
  • Reworked a large section of Chunilna Creek.
    Adjusted elevations, fixed water placement, and removed stray trees.
  • Several details along the creek.
    Includes a Campsite and a few Bears.


Environmentally-Dynamic Features

  • Butterflies – Visible from May through September. Includes 4 different Alaska native variations!
  • Morel Mushrooms – Look for Morel Mushrooms popping up around the airstrip from May to July. But keep a keen eye out, as they can be quite difficult to spot!
  • Rain Puddles – Appear only when raining.
  • VFX – Smoke and campfire VFX will appear once temperatures fall to 50F / 10C or less.


Available Now!

Chunilna Cabin Strip is now available from the following vendors for $9.99 USD!
Notice: This scenery is planned to come to the MSFS Marketplace in the near future! ESD is still waiting on approval.
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