Authentic Bell 47 soundpack for FSX and P3D

Authentic Bell 47 Soundpack v1.0

Developed by Chris Britton for FSX, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, P3Dv4, and P3Dv5.

Introducing the first product we have developed that is not a scenery.. Emerald Scenery Design presents to you: the first authentic payware Bell 47 soundpack for FSX and P3D. These sounds have been recorded on-site from both Bell 47 D-1 and G-2 aircraft.

Quoting the Developer:

"As a scenery developer, this project was a major change (and learning experience) from what I'm use to. In late 2014, my father came into possession of a Bell 47 D-1, (like the M*A*S*H helicopter) which we used to run tours out of our watersports business in Navarre, FL. Last year, it had occurred to me that anyone had yet to make an authentic sound set for Flysimware's Bell 47 helicopter. Having access to the aircraft on almost a daily basis, I decided to take this dilemma into my own hands and learn the basics of sound pack creation. Over a year, I toyed around with different sound packs, dissected them, read documents, and learned what made everything click. Eventually I was confident enough to take on this project. A few weeks into production I was faced with an issue that brought production to a complete standstill. Luckily, after a week of searching, I was able to travel to and get my hands on a Bell 47 G-2 to finish up the remaining recordings. After a few weeks of editing, I present to you the first authentic Bell 47 sound pack for FSX/P3D. I do hope this addon brings you many hours of enjoyable flight time in your Bell 47! Thank you for your support!!"


  • Authentic sounds recorded directly from both Bell 47 D-1 and G-2 aircraft.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D.

  • At minimum 66.4mb of free space.

    (The installer and its unzipped contents)

Worth it!

Rated 5 out of 5
July 3, 2017

If you’re into the Bell 47 and want something that sounds really nice, here it is. I was flying a model with terrible sounds and this package changed that. thanks Chris!

Bank_Heist (FSE)

Fabulous Piece of Work

Rated 5 out of 5
July 21, 2016

I have nothing but great things to say about this sound pack! For a first effort and the price he’s put on it, I think it’s a fabulous gift to the Flight Sim community! It makes flying my Bell so much more enjoyable than it was. Thanks for the hours of toil you put into this and for practically giving it away! Cheers!


Truly Authentic Bell 47 Sounds

Rated 4 out of 5
July 14, 2016

Chris Britton has raised the bar of realism for Flysimware’s Bell 47 with his awesome collection of Bell 47 sounds. Through his high tech sound equip (“Cone Capture Recording”; Sorry Chris, I couldn’t recall the exact identifier), that pinpoints specific sounds for a remarkable experience, that will rekindle your fondest flight memories of perhaps that first Bell 47 ride at your County Fair, like I had at age 5. Wouldn’t you like to relive that moment, like I did?
Chris has done a remarkable job of capturing all the unique sounds of the Bell 47, that up to this point, have been garbled at best or lost all together in previous attempts.
Your first attempt at sound designing has been exemplary.
I attempted to PM you about a possible solution to your .cfg file. All the true, clear sounds with your .cfg file, has one unfortunate drawback. Startup and Shutdown is pretty much automatic, with no chance for say, an extended warmup at low rpm’s. Adversely, shutdown suffers from the same problem. I fully understand your loyalty to Scenery Design, as that is what your company provides, as you prefer not to get bogged down with this rather challenging sound design.
I hate to see this magnificent start to a really high quality sound add-on, fade away, unless everyone is happy with automation. Based on an old experimental sound .cfg sound file (2004), designed by a gentleman who released it to anyone who wanted to try it. This file had it’s problems, but the theory and layout was on the right track.
Chris, if this .cfg file could easily be incorporated, and I believe it can, you’d have 5 STARS, hands down!
For now, I will continue to tolerate automation, as I enjoy your sounds too much to give up.
I will attempt to separate those sound files into 3 pieces, that can be controlled manually, and incorporate those pieces into my designer’s .cfg file format, which has worked extremely well with my Flysimware Bell 47. Of course, I will not release it to anyone, but you, as it is your payware add-on. All I ask of you, is to try it out, if I succeed .
Apologies for this lengthy commentary, but I believe it is important enough to pursue. I’m 61, and I’m seeking no credit or fee. All I want is for everyone to enjoy the FULL experience of flying this awesome model with YOUR sounds!

Jeff Jankovics