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Guam 3m Terrain Mesh SP2

Developed by Chris Britton for FSX, P3Dv2, P3Dv3 and P3Dv4.

Emerald Scenery Design is proud to present to you: the entire Island of Guam in super high resolution 3 meter/px Terrain Mesh. As an added bonus, we have also thrown in the Northern Mariana Islands for Free!

Now in Service Pack 2, we have reworked the entire scenery. All data has been reprocessed and exported at double the bit depth to allow for super smooth elevation transitions. We have also added a configurator to better handle 3rd party scenery compatibility.

What is Terrain Mesh?

The world is filled with dips, hills, mountains, and valleys. Without these features, our planet would be rather flat and boring. Terrain Mesh is rendered from Digital Elevation Models that are acquired from the scanning of the earth's surface. These models depict all the land features of earth, which we then convert to a format in which FSX can read. In turn, this recreates all the crisp land features that we see every time we fly.

An interactive comparison between Guam's default Mesh (Left) and our 3 meter Mesh. (Right)

Please note that due to this terrain data being very high resolution, airport plateaus cannot be completely fixed. We have made adjustments to help lessen these effects and find a balance in elevation, however this does not completely fix the issue.


  • Super Hi-Resolution 3m Terrain Mesh for the entire island of Guam.

  • Hi-Resolution 10m Terrain Mesh for the Northern Mariana Islands.

  • Airport flatten corrections to lessen airport plateaus.

  • A configurator to easily enable/disable airport corrections.

    For 3rd party addon compatibility.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v2, v3 or v4.

  • At minimum, 135mb of free space.

    (The installer and its unzipped contents)

Guam 3m Terrain Mesh – Change Log

December 19, 2017 | SP2
  • Added support for P3Dv4
  • Source data is now exported as 32-bit (as opposed to 16-bit) for improved detail.
  • Optimized mesh by removing unneeded data.
  • Added a Configurator to easily enable/disable airport corrections. (For 3rd party addon compatibility)
  • Guam 3m Terrain Mesh will now be removed from the Scenery Library when uninstalling. (P3Dv3 and v4 only!)
 February 10, 2016 | SP1
  • Overhauled 3m terrain mesh, fixing multiple issues.
  • Cropped excess data from 10m terrain mesh to lower file size.
  • Reworked scenery activation process.
  • Updated Scenery Activator applications.
  • Reworked installer.
  • Added support for P3Dv2 and v3.
 April 13, 2014 | v1.0
  • Initial Release.

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