Chunilna Cabin Strip, Alaska

Developed by Chris Britton | Designed for:

Chunilna Cabin Strip is an unregistered backcountry airport just 6 NM / 11 KM to the Northeast of Talkeetna, Alaska. This private airstrip features a short dirt runway. Departures and landings can be made quite easy going either direction for light aircraft, but anything past a Cub is almost entirely one way in, one way out!

This scenery has been brought to life in incredible detail, with a heavy focus on environmentals. Chunilna Cabin Strip uses almost all custom libraries with the integration of our own Emerald Object Library. Some features include: custom vegetation, 3D trees, several detailed building/shed models, custom ground textures, and environmentally dynamic features, such as butterflies, rain puddles, morel mushrooms, and VFX!

Chunilna Cabin Strip sets a new standard for what Emerald Scenery Design hopes to achieve with many backcountry airstrips to come!

Chunilna Cabin Strip, Talkeetna, Alaska - backcountry scenery for MSFS

Current Release | v1.0.6

Format: .7z | File Size: 163.2 MB

Chunilna Cabin Strip – Change Log

October 6, 2022 | v1.0.6
  • Excluded new autogen house that was popping up over the Cabin.
  • Icicles: Rewrote visibility code to use modern template format.
July 5, 2022 | v1.0.5
  • Added Buckets around Cabin.
  • Improved Cabin: Adjusted glass material, optimized model, fixes and improvements to PBR textures, added light and emissive to lamp.
May 23, 2022 | v1.0.4Please remove the old version of Chunilna Cabin Strip to get rid of leftover files!
  • Reverted AirportServices change, as it had unintended affects. After testing, the previous version was actually working as intended. Sorry for the hiccup, folks!
May 19, 2022 | v1.0.3Please remove the old version of Chunilna Cabin Strip to get rid of leftover files!
  • Added new window detail texture with flags file for improved quality.
  • Changes to AirportServices to further ensure compatibility with nearby airports.
  • Fixed glass flickering inside of the Cabin when looking through an external window.
  • Fixed icicles showing year-round on small shed near runway.
  • Fixed some floating vegetation along the runway.
  • Temporarily removed collisions from the Cabin to allow internal navigation after SU9.
May 8, 2022 | v1.0.2Please remove the old version of Chunilna Cabin Strip to get rid of the leftover BGL file!
  • Added dynamic icicles along roof edges (Show at or below 32*F/0*C).
  • Fixed runway surface incorrectly labeled as asphalt.
  • Fixed windsock orientation.
  • Improved aerial imagery color-matching.
  • SU9 changed the way that polygons are saved and compiled. Although there is backwards compatibility so far, Chunilna Cabin Strip has been recompiled to ensure future compatibility.
March 22, 2022 | v1.0.1
  • Cleaned up more stray trees along the Creek.
  • Completely reworked terraforming along the entire Creek DEM coverage area.
  • Expanded 2-meter DEM coverage area by ~4x.
  • Fixed some floating vegetation.
March 19, 2022 | v1.0.0
  • Initial Release


  • Custom ground textures.

    Colored to match the surrounding terrain.

  • 2-meter digital elevation model.

    Compatible with ORBX NA Alaska Mesh!

  • Uneven/sloped runway for that authentic backcountry experience!

    Look out for rocks!

  • Hand-placed, native vegetation.

    Weeds, Wildflowers, Shrubs/Bushes, and 3D Trees. Includes LODs for improved performance.

  • Custom airstrip buildings, cabin, and various clutter models.

    Up to 8k resolution PBR materials. Cabin includes 3D interior, window rain VFX, and environmental occlusion.

  • Reworked a large section of Chunilna Creek.

    Adjusted elevations, fixed water placement, and removed stray trees.

  • Several details along the creek.

    Includes a Campsite and a few Bears.

  • Environmentally-Dynamic features!

    • Butterflies – Visible from May through September. Includes 4 different Alaska native variations!
    • Icicles – Icicles will appear along roof edges once temperatures fall to 32F / 0C or less.
    • Morel Mushrooms – Look for Morel Mushrooms popping up around the airstrip from May to July. But keep a keen eye out, as they can be quite difficult to spot!
    • Rain Puddles – Appear only when raining.
    • VFX – Smoke and campfire VFX will appear once temperatures fall to 50F / 10C or less.

The attention to detail is insane

Rated 5 out of 5
March 20, 2022

The way trees cascade shadows over your cockpit.. the violet heather foliage, the butterflies, even down to water droplets on windows when it rains.. All just makes this place feel real. I think I found my new bush trip hangout spot!


Brings me into a Story!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 19, 2022

This wasn’t just a normal MSFS scenery add-on… Plain and Simple, this was an absolute journey…

The butterflies in the grass, the amount of detail thrown into each object, the campfire, cabin interior, seasonal effects, WOW!

I highly consider this purchase to anyone who is looking to use MSFS as an escape and not just a quick flyby.

Amazing Work! 10/10 Will Buy Again!

Jonx Simulations (Brandon Yaeger)